4 of the Best Teacher Appreciation Gifts They Love to Receive

May is halfway through and that means another school year is winding down.  Wow!  Where does the time go?  May always seems to be a month that flies by.  It's so easy to slip in to "summer mode", but I have to try and remember is's a time for goodbyes too.  It means my son, Ian, will be leaving another grade level (and his teachers) to move to a new set in the fall.  

May is a time that I try to make sure they know how much I appreciate what they've done throughout the year.  I like to send them a handmade "Thank You" card and a small gift.  It's been a little harder now, as Ian is in middle school.  He went from having 2-3 teachers (including his elective teachers) to 6-8 teachers.  Also, it has been a little harder, as he has male teachers now.  Previously, I could send the teachers all the same thing, but things like a candle just don't seem appropriate for male teachers...or is it just me?  

With this many teachers, I've learned I have to limit what I can spend.  Some ideas for gifts that I have given are:

1. Soap.  I've sent some of the Mistral soap.  Both the men's and women's scents smell fabulous.  With their large size, they last for weeks!

2. Laundry Soap.  I've sent some of the Le Blanc laundry soap and dryer sachets.  The Portfolio scent is one formulated with a men's scent, so I've got the male teachers covered too.  I've gotten lots of compliments on the dryer sachets too!  

3. Haitian Metal Art.  The pieces like the birds and sun/moon really seem to be favorites.  Makes a great gift, as it can be used inside or out.  You could split up some of the sets too!

4.  Gift Cards.  Yes, I have given the "old standby" of a gift card to Panera Bread, Starbucks, or our local convenience stores known as, Wawa.  I try to send a little something small with these, like a small box of chocolates.  Who doesn't love to get a little something that's gift wrapped?  :)

Whatever you may choose, I am sure the teachers will be very appreciative that you cared enough to thank them.  Kristin's Great Finds have lots of great items for your gift giving needs!

Got some great ideas to share?  Please feel free to comment below.  We would love to hear them!