Are you BBQ'ing or Grilling?

To BBQ or to grill.....that's the question!  Who would've thought there is a difference, but BOY is there!  If you plan to cook your fare on a propane gas, then you are just grillin'.  BBQ'ing seem to be a fine art with many considerations for one to consider.  

To BBQ means to slow cook and baste your fare throughout its time cooking.  It takes hours for the slow cooking to occur, like 5-7 hours, over a low heat temperature (like 200 degrees).  Some who BBQ prefer various wood varieties for cooking, while some prefer charcoal.  There's many debates among BBQ'ing aficionados which is best.

Your choice of fare to BBQ may include pork, beef, game (venison, buffalo, pheasant, etc), chicken, or seafood.  It seems the preference differs mostly due to regional consideration.  The Southeast mainly prefers pork, while the South Central region (like TX) prefers beef.  Whatever your choice of fare, it is sure to taste awesome with your preferred basting sauce or rub.  There's many varieties to the thicker tomato based BBQ sauces, a dry rub, or an oil and vinegar seasoned basting sauce.  

Another big consideration is how you plan to cook your feast.  Digging a pit is one preference.  Whether it is in your yard or at the beach, some believe this is the best method as the ground helps to maintain even heat during cooking.  Another method is with large smokers.  I've seen some specialty built smokers with a side door that allows for "feeding the fire" throughout the cooking time.  

BBQ'ing seem to be more than a hobby to some.  You'll find advocates who will passionately argue why their method is the best.  For many, these methods and recipes have passed from generation to generation.  Either choices you make, I am sure it will be some awesome tasting grub!  

May is National BBQ month.  Whatever and however you choose to BBQ, don't forget to serve it up in style!  Kristin's Great Finds has some great platters and serving pieces to use at your BBQ!