Be Kind to your Mother Earth today



Happy Earth Day!  To some, it may mean a community celebration, while to others it may hold no significance.  One doesn't have to go to a huge event to just bask in the glory of the day and show appreciation of Mother Earth.  Today could be a start on just cleaning out one flower bed or pulling some weeds.  Ya, I know....ew!  Who wants to do that?!?!  Here's 5 tips to make it less of a chore.

1.  Multi-task.   Sit and pull weeds while talking to a friend or while taking a dog for a walk

2.  Make it a game.   Make it that every trip you walk by a section of your yard, that you pull 3 weeds (or whatever number works for you)

3.  Use as brain draining time.  Go out when you need some "down time" and need to think something through.  You won't even notice what you are doing, as your mind is working on other matters.

4.  Get the kids involved.  Incentive the kids in to thinking its a game or pay them so much for each job.  

5.  Reward yourself for a job well done.  Treat yourself to lunch or a small token that would give you something to look forward to once the job is complete.

As a last resort, you could always pay someone.  This kind of defeats the mission of celebrating Earth Day, but you may enjoy your yard more if it was already cleaned up.  If you have to, you may need to barter a neighbor or friend with one of your special pumpkin pies, meatloaf, a ride to somewhere, get the drift.  Just don't be shy to ask for their help and offer something in return.  If you can get out and enjoy this glorious day, then it will be well worth doing this little bit of work!  Happy Earth Day!