Could a Cookie Be Priceless? Truly?!?!

What's a great memory worth to you?  For most, they are priceless!

Did your great memories (even the ones rated as good) even cost you anything?  Ok, maybe it did cost the price of admission to an event or location, but for many, there is no cost.  

Memories are made from the feeling of a moment.  Do you remember the way you felt when you walked down the aisle to get married?  Maybe it was leaving for that adventure of the first time at college?  Could it be driving for the first time SOLO?  Ah....there's so many that I couldn't possibly mention them all here.

These that I do mention may seem to be those BIG ones.  Everyday you may be creating a memory for someone in a small way.  Trust and believe, it doesn't have to be anything you even see as a big deal.

I learned this lesson when I was still working at my job.  The senior manager was trying to boast morale and held a meeting.  She asked staff for suggestions for things they would like to see improved or changed.  Another manager was writing down all the suggestions, when someone loudly exclaimed, "Bring back the cookies!".  Of course, this was written down with all the other ones.  

Weeks later, after our senior manager evaluated all the suggestions, she called another meeting for all to attend.  At this time, I was one of 4 supervisors who reported under the senior supervisor.  She requested we stand at the front of the room for this meeting (no clue why, even to this day!).  The doorway to enter was in the front of the room and a table was placed inside this entrance.  On the table, two large trays of cookies were laid out.  Let me say these were those cookie trays you would buy at a grocery store or a place like Sam's Club.  Nothing wrong with them....they can be really tasty, right?

Wrong!  As staff filed in, they saw the cookies, helped themselves to a few, and and (without further comment) moved on to sit down.  As I said, myself and the other 3 managers were standing next to the wall where those cookie trays were placed.  As the senior manager called the meeting to start, she said how she reviewed the staff's suggestions and was going to make a few changes as they requested.  She pointed to the cookie table and commented how she hoped they enjoyed having their "cookies back".  Ok...drumroll please....

There was dead silence, until..(not sure who), called out, "Those aren't the cookies we meant!  We want Kristin's cookies!!".  This prompted several others to join in and start calling out similar things, like "Where's her cookie tray?", "We miss her cookies".  Wow!  Here I stood at the front of this room full of people and was dumbfounded that this simple thing really meant so much to them. 

I love to bake.  My family and I can't possible eat it all. So....I would take a lion's share of what I baked to work.  As life got busy, I had not been taking any baked goods in for quite some time.  Again, I say Wow!  I never knew (or even imaged) that this was creating such a memory for them.  Who would have thought so?!?!

Truthfully, some of the most simple things can create a pleasant memory to others.  Hope this story helps you to create some cookie memories of your own.  Love to hear if you have any similar stories to share.  :)