Best Gifts for that "Hard to Shop for" Loved One, Volume #3

Having that pressure to buy Mom the "perfect" gift for Mother's Day?  Perhaps it's her birthday and you just can't give her yet "another gift card"?  

Take a moment and think back to your childhood.  Was there a special trinket she always wore?  A special collection or figure she would put out for a holiday or special moment?  If so, where did they go?  Did they get broke?  Lost in a move?

If she still has this special item, is it part of a collection?  Are any of the pieces/parts chipped or glued back together?  

Hey, we know that raising kids is hard on your prized possessions.  Kids seem to have an innate instinct to know what items Mom loves the most and find an accidental way to break them.  It happens.

Now would be a great way to track down a replacement.  Use the internet to find one.  Boy, will she be so happy to know you remembered.

If you can't find a replacement or her collection is still in good shape, perhaps there are pieces she doesn't own yet?  Does she have something like a treasured nativity and doesn't realize there are add-on pieces?  This would be a great gift too!  

Kristin's Great Finds sells a lot of brands for nativities and know they add pieces to the collection every year.  It can get hard to remember which pieces were added when.  Giving Mom a piece she doesn't have is a great way to show her you thought of her, PLUS may (finally) get her to stop telling the story of how a prior accident happened when you broke the last one!