Beware! This is one game that's addicting!!


We were driving to do some shopping when my son shared this awesome game that's played "on the road".  It's the Yellow Car game!  :)

Simply, you get a point for every yellow car that you spot and call out, "Yellow Car!" before anyone else in the car (Yes!  Similar to the Punch Buggy I showing my age?!?!..except no hitting allowed...isn't that great!!).  The only rule is that it can't be a commercial vehicle.  If you call for a yellow car, and it turns out to be a commercial vehicle, you lose a point.

The yellow car can really be any type of vehicle.  A motorcycle, a truck, etc.  Anything with wheels that you can spot during your drive qualifies.  

During our month of playing, my family decided to add some bonuses.  A yellow Jeep was 10 points (vs the traditional 1 point).  A pink car was 50 points.  A purple car was 25 points.  A yellow Punch Buggy was 25 points.  You can add whatever other rules and bonuses you want.  

We loved this game, as it allowed almost ALL who rode in the car to participate.  Age didn't matter, as long as they knew their colors.  It didn't involve anything high tech and engaged everyone to participate.  It is a quick to understand game to play, so those new to riding with us picked up the game easily.

AND it helped keep the "how much longer to we get there" questions at bay.  How much better could it be?!?!

Love to hear how you fare with this one!  Who's going to be the high point winner in your family?