Easy Decorations to Set the Perfect Easter Brunch Table

Setting a table that's celebrating Easter, spring, and welcoming your guests doesn't have to take Super woman skills.  Add a few touches like those shown below will only take a few moments, yet make you look like you're Super Mom.  :)


-Courtesy of HGTV

This table really is just some white bunnies, faux grass, and some eggs.  Got some old milk glass serving pieces?  A perfect way to show them off!


-Courtesy of French Country Cottage

Pick up a bouquet or two of some white and pale pink roses, add some petals down the center of the table, and show off those antique dishes you've had stashed away for years.  Nothing welcomes spring like some blooming flowers!


-Courtesy of Decopad

How simple is this one?  Use some white pedestal servers (or really it would be nice without too!) with glass containers filled with white eggs and white tulips.  I would recommend you see if you can find some faux eggs though.  :)  Love the white, on white, on white theme here!

-Courtesy of Design Chic

Love the pop of color from the salad dish, napkins, and bowl.  They used a few vases with flowers and some bunny egg holders and tiered plates, but your eye is really taken to the blue of the tableware.  Perfect if you don't have many Easter table pieces and still want to have a spring look.

Mud Pie egg cups are a great way to welcome guests of all ages.  Use for serving hard boiled or soft boiled eggs, jelly beans, deviled eggs, and more.  Of course, you can get them at Kristin's Great Finds!  :)  May you have the BEST holiday brunch ever for you and your family!!