Gifts Ideas for that "Hard to Shop for" Loved One, Volume #2

Have someone's birthday, Christmas gift, retirement party, or some other kind of occasion coming up and you need to find the perfect gift for them?  Looking for a meaningful gift that isn't as benign as a gift card?  Something to add to a gift to give it a "personal touch"?

Create a list of some of their favorite sayings!  Are they notorious for always having a saying, like "Don't cross your eyes!  They will freeze like that!". I had a coworker who ended every phone call with a comment, "Keep Smiling".  Maybe they had a biblical verse or a line from a movie/song they quote all the time?

Take some time and ask fellow family members, friends, or coworkers.  I'm sure there are lots of delightful and funny sayings your loved ones is always using.  Some may be little short stories to enclose with the sayings.   For my Grandmom Perri..don't dare jump on her beds or get in trouble because, "I'm going to get my hot cake turner on you!" is one that comes to my mind.  Uh huh!  Every one of us grandkids could provide an example when that line was used on us!

Print the list using some really nice paper or have them written in an album.  Allow family members to write each entry and sign it with their name.  Have some artist members in the family? They could draw some illustrations to go with them.  Use some old photos to go with each saying.  Get creative!  

It is sure to bring some happy laughter for the day.  What a great way to create a time for family to reminisce on fond memories.  This list or album is sure to become a treasured heirloom for many generations to enjoy!

Hope you got some inspiration for your gift giving!  Check back next month for another one.  Have some ideas that were well received?  Please share!  We'd love to hear about them.