Has it really been 4 years?!!? Yikes!

The 2018 Winter Olympics kicked off the opening ceremonies last night.  Has it really been 4 years?  Wow!  It seems like yesterday with all the news flooding in from Sochi.  Now it's on to Pyeongchang. 

Am I the only one excited?  Getting out the schedule to make sure I do not miss the ice skating competitions?  I have a feeling there's a few of you out there addicted to watching the curling events (USA starts on Feb 11 at 7:05 pm EST-Just sayin'). 

I remember being a kid and having to wait until after the "Nightly News" to get highlight footage (or live footage if we were so lucky), but hey!  That was back before cable TV offered more than the 4 channels and the Olympics (both summer and winter) happened in the SAME year.  Yes, I know, I am showing my age.  I just love how the Olympics would bring us all together to watch and see what athletes would win metals.  It would be so cool to go to school and talk with your friends about the suspense and drama that went along with a USA win.  I still remember cheering on Mary Lou Retton for her perfect vault.  Who can forget the developing story with Nancy Kerrigan's attack?  I wanted the Olympics just to give her the gold metal by default due to that incident!  Didn't she deserve it?!?!

As the different games have passed through the years, I now find how it brings George, Ian, and I together for the 2 weeks of events to watch all the events.  It's a great family tradition to turn on the TV at night, get a snack, and settle in for some great sporting events.  Will you be watching?  Will you be cheering, groaning, and holding your breathe with us as the competitions unfold?  Love to hear from you all, while we create some great family time and memories together......