Have the Best Halloween Decorations in the Neighborhood

We found some of the BEST decorations on the internet.  Some have a great storyline in them, yet some are pretty ingenious!  You can use some store bought items or some are a cute craft product.  Let us know what you think.


Venus Fly Trap Candy Holder or Candle Holder

Check out the How-to instructions at The Paper Mama 


Here's a cute and easy DIY project with some humor thrown in.

Check out the How-to instructions at Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons.  


Wanna add a little scare to the greeting of guests?  Here's the perfect wreath make knocking on your door a little squeamish.

One of Martha Stewart's great projects.


Here's a great idea to really WOW the neighborhood.  Your family and friends will want to know your trick...for sure!

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the source to direct you to for more help.

My hairdresser does a version of this decor and it is AWESOME.  A great way to do this is to buy the pumpkins at the Michael's clearance sale with a coupon.  I LOVE it.

Check out Don Morin's site for his instructions.  You can do a smaller, modified version.

Now this one requires a little more thought.  You can be as creative with your pose and clothes.  Love the plastic drop clothes they used in this photo.  A tulle slip would work good too.  Spray paint some of it with glow in the dark paint or use some fairy lights.


Wrap a small part of your body in plastic wrap…..Wrap 2 layers of packing tape over the plastic wrap….Cut a single line down tape to loosen and remove from body (use scissors so you don't cut yourself) ….Cut the slit you make in removing with another layer of packing tape.....tape together the various body parts to make the model.  Use some florist wire to hold the form....hide some wire to use as stakes to hold on to the ground on floor. A fun Pinterest find…

There are a LOT of scenes you can find with skeletons posed in multiple ways.  This was a great one that looks great for a front door whether in a countryside or city scene.

There's a lot more photos available at Stacy Horn's site.

Here's a great theme for creating with your kids.  The tombstone inscriptions are some creative.  An awesome project that makes for some fun times thinking up your own sayings.  

Head over to the Pretty Prudent site for lots more photos on this scene.

The best is their piece de resistance to greet guest at their door.  Check it out!

Hope you got some creative juices flowing.  Love to see what YOU concoct for this Halloween season.  Please feel free to post photos of your decorations.