Keeping the fun in the hunt


Easter Egg hunts can be the best!  The race for getting there first, for getting the biggest, the most out of everyone, or the eggs holding the greatest prizes!  Is this how your hunts seem to go?

For your littlest of little ones, it may not be so fun.  It may just seem they find an egg, yet reach for it too late.  Someone beat them to it at the last split second!  

Maybe one hunter does seem to get an overload of the plastic eggs that hold the "best" treasures inside.  Does someone in the hunt always seem to hold a lion's share of goodies?

Or ever have one hunter that always seems to have an overabundance of eggs spilling from their basket?  Could it be this was one hunter that was faster than everyone else or just an uncourteous hunter that always swooped in at the last second to cut in on the other hunter's find?  This can seem so unfair to some children and really not make the Egg Hunt fun.

There's an easy solution to make sure EVERYone has fun on the hunt!  Plan ahead of time for each hunter to have their own special color that will be for them (and them alone) to hunt.  This plan is best with those plastic eggs that you can put goodies inside (Yes!  Those cheap ones that all the stores sell in a pack of 12ish).  If you have 6 hunters, then purchase 6 different color of eggs and the hunter can ONLY get that color egg during the hunt.  If they find eggs of another color, then they aren't to take them.  

By planning ahead for this hunt, you can assure you divvy up the treasures so that each hunter gets an equal share of the best ones.  Also, this will help for the Easter Bunny hide the eggs based on a level of difficulty appropriate to each hunter's age and/or skills.  

Also, this will help you plan if you wish to enclose a treasure that is gender specific.  You can plan ahead of time which color will correlate to the girls and which will be for the boys.

Best of all!  You will know at the end of the hunt if all the eggs were found.  By counting each color, you will instantly know if some are missing.  Finding eggs in the middle of July is so NOT fun.  The candy is so not a treat then!  :)