Party Invitations Are A Sales Pitch!


You've got the date and time.  You've chosen the theme.  You've picked the best place to have your party.  Now it is time to make your sales pitch!  This means an enticing party invitation that sells what a great time your guests will have when they attend your party.  Some things that need to be considered prior to printing them out though.   


1.  How many invitations do you need?  If you need 20 or less invitations, you can go "all out" and opt to have some really creative and fun ones made.  You may wish to go for some intricate and/or personalized ones.  There's some truly unique and handcrafted ones that you could try that don't have to be too much hassle.  Here's one we saw that was ingenious and didn't take too much handy work.  (


There are some pretty crafty looking ones that you could print up on your computer and use a little effort to put together.  The rest of their party decor was so cute too!  (  


These kind of party invitations would really set the mood and "sell" your guests that this is a one-of-a-kind party they definitely don't want to miss.  

If you need to distribute more than 20 invitations, you may wish to enlist some help to make some creative ones like theses examples or opt for ones that can be made and printed en masse.  

2.  Do you want to have an RSVP or a "Regrets Only" request?  It seems a lot of guest do not always reply.  If a head count is really important for your plans, you may wish to provide a phone number to text a Regrets Only message to.  This way they can respond whenever they can think to do so.

3.  When and how do you plan to distribute them?  Invitations with bulkiness are best hand-delivered, as you don't want to rely on expensive postage carriers to deliver your hard work.  Consider that a bigger affair like a wedding or milestone birthday party (like Grandma's 70th birthday) are ones that guests need more time to arrange for attendance.  For these bigger parties, you should distribute your invitations 6-8 weeks in advance.  For smaller affairs, like a kid's party, retirement dinner, etc, you should plan to distribute 3-4 weeks in advance.  The more time you can provide guests will be best for them to make plans, but you don't want it too far in advance that they will forget about the party.

Remember that the invitation is your first contact with guests to "sell them" on your party's theme and expectations for their time spent at the event.  Be creative.  Be fun.  Give'em something to talk about before they even get there!

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