"She is the Hardest Person to Buy a Gift For!" Gift Ideas, Volume #4

Who hasn't said THAT at one point in their life?  Maybe, the "she" is your mother, a grandmother, an aunt, friend, teacher...ok!  You get the idea?  This isn't a statement just for the women in your life either...maybe there's a male?  

Either way, here's a great idea for a gift.  Set up a food brigade!

I got this idea from my cousin when she did it for her grandfather (mother's side, she's related to me on her father's).  He was older and seemed to have everything one expected he could use or need....except...she knew he LOVED homemade cookies and no one around to bake them for him.  

She arranged to have a woman in his town (who must have baked some awesome cookies!) make and deliver a batch to him once a month.  They agreed on a price for each batch and how many months she could afford for this gift to last.  How great is that?!?! 

The woman got to make some extra cash AND Grandpop got some tasty treats!  Oh!  and the best part...my cousin got to be a hero every time the new batch of cookies arrived.  How awesome is that??

Don't think to limit it to desserts.  Maybe some homemade soups, meals, fresh veggies or fruit, chocolates...you get the gist! 

With a little bit of thought, you can probably think up some great things they would love.  Please feel free to share with us if you've got a similar story.  We would be so happy to hear them.  :)