These will BEE a family favorite!



Perfect for a baby shower, a Winnie the Pooh party, or if you need a fun spring themed goodie.  These are easy to make, yet will fool everyone in to thinking you must have gotten them at a bakery.  The items you will need:


**Yellow (Vanilla) Cupcakes

**Cupcake Liners (I specifically picked out the yellow ones)

**Buttercream Icing (made from your favorite recipes)

**Yellow Food Dye

**Black Icing (I buy this premade in a tube)

**Slivered Almonds

**Yellow Peanut M & M's

**Pastry Bag (for filling with icing)

**#12 Round Tip 


Bake your cupcakes and make your buttercream icing according to the instructions of the mix or recipe.  Dye your icing a pale yellow.  Fill the pastry bag with the yellow icing and use the round tip to pipe and fill the cupcake's top to form a base, then pipe upward creating a mound to be the hive.  Place the M & M's to be your bees.  Choose their location to try and hide any imperfections (gaps) you may have made when creating the hive.  The slivered almonds should be placed on either of the M & M's.  These will be the bee's wings.  Puncture a small hole in the tip of the black icing tube.  Give each M & M's 2 eyes and 3 stripes.  To add some extra dimension, you could draw dash lines behind each bee.  Use a pedestal plate to show off your designs!


I made these for a fundraiser bake sale.  Guess who's were the first ones sold off?!?!  :)