The infamous red candy dish!

Oh!  Behold!  The infamous red candy dish!  This sugary haven was simply known as Grandmom's red candy dish.  To us 13 grandkids (and many, many other extended family and friends!) , we knew there would be a stockpile of sweet treats held inside.  As soon as we got to Grandmom's house, we would beeline it over to the candy dish.  Oh!  What to choose?  A Mary Jane?  A Hershey Kiss?  A caramel swirl?  The list of choices would change and evolve through the years and seasons.  There would always be too many to choose from.

And boy!  Would she know if you tried to take too many.  With the lid in one hand and your fingers ready to pluck another piece, you would hear, "Now get out of that candy dish!  You are going to ruin your dinner!".  She could be in another room and had some magical powers to know what we were doing.  She ALWAYS knew when you were ready to sneak another.  Hmm...Score another point for Grandmom.

This family tradition was so simple, yet SO IMPORTANT to us kids.  We knew she thought of us and loved us, as it always seemed to have our favorites held inside for one of our visits.  It's been 15 years since my Grandmom has passed from this Earth, but her tradition has not been forgotten.  

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