Truly a work of art from one's trash to a beautiful treasure!



These days we are aware of the need to recycle but for some, recycling has become a way to take trash and create not only beautiful art but also a sustainable living for themselves, their families and their community. One such community in Haiti is thriving from recycling the most unlikely of materials... discarded oil drums. Artists in the village of Croix-dex-Bouquets take large steel oil drums, cut them open, draw a pattern on the metal, then begin to create art sculptures with chisels, dies, and large hammers. “Clang! Clang!”, is the musical sound that can be heard as the artist smooths out the steel’s rough edges, beats out complex convex and concave shapes, and creates a piece uniquely their own.

Haitian Metal Garden Wall Art of a Sun

The people who create these works of art have wonderful imaginations when it comes to their craft. The complex details that they can create with their simple tools are sure to amaze you when you realize how hard their work really is. How many of us could sit for hours each day and pound away with a hammer and chisel on a piece of metal to make a living? Each of them has such a commitment to their craft.

We carry a large variety of these Metal Artworks.  Surprise someone with a gift that will last for many years to come!  Please share some pictures with us where you have one hanging.