What happened to all my stuff??

Am I the only one looking around my house for the past few weeks and feeling it's bare?  There's this Christmas de-decorating low that comes over me. (Yes!  I know it's undecorating, but doesn't it sound better my way?)  My home feels so lifeless, so bland, so "cold".  I feel like it needs color, some twinkling lights, some "warmth". 

Retail stores don't offer any help.  All they've got are some cute little bunnies peeking out for me to buy.  Well, this year, I said, "ENOUGH!".  I flipped over my placemats to their plaid (Yep!  We sell those!  And in 3 colors and sizes too.), left out my red chair cushions, floor mats, towels, and couch pillows and decided to roll with a Valentine's Day/cardinal bird theme winter decor.  

Pinterest...here I come!  I found this awesome bird house decor to use as a centerpiece in my breakfast nook.  Problem is, it's not available for sale.  After an hour, I made me a pretty good replica of it.  What do you think?  Trying to go for not too Christmasy, but wintery...did it deliver?