Gifts Ideas for that "Hard to Shop for" Loved One, Volume #1

We all have those loved ones, family or friends, that are difficult to buy for.  Maybe that is due to them seeming to have everything in life they could want...or maybe it is due to health or geographical limitations..or maybe it is due to not having a close personal relationship with them.  

Giving the perfect gift doesn't have to be perplexing to figure out, cost a lot of money or ingenuity, or be blah! bland! (like another tie or sweater, although that MAY be what this person really wants???).  

One gift suggestion may be gifting them a reprint of a treasured family photo.  Lots of families seem to have those old photos that got stashed in photo albums or given to Aunt So-n-So and now your loved one doesn't recall where it got to.  

With technology advances such as they are today, you could have that treasured photo tracked down and reprinted (and framed!) for display in their home.  For many, just viewing some of the old photos brings back treasured memories they want to share with all generations.

Some people love to learn more about extended branches of their families.  This would be a great way for the newest generations to learn and find out about their historical family roots.  

Crack out those family albums, use Social Media to get back in touch with long distance relatives, call upon close family friends.  This would be a great way to track down old and meaningful photos for them.  Hey, there may even be ones your loved one never got to see or completely forgot about!  

Imagine their delight to see these again?  Make an event out of the day!  Stage a showing!  Who knows, it may become their favorite gift ever!

May some of our ideas be helpful to provide you with a meaningful and memorable way to express your love.  We plan to share more ideas every month.  Have some to share?  Please comment below and let us know if you have any that you'd like to pass along.