Whew! Love those Girls' weekends away!

Good morning!  Just getting back from a girl's weekend and had a blast!  Went for 4 days, yet it never seems long enough.  Can you relate?  

My friend, Vicki, and I go to make cards....yes!  Greeting cards.  For me, I try to make a variety of Christmas cards.  I know, crazy!  It's February and I'm making Christmas cards.  We spend the weekend at the beautiful Flanders Hotel in OC, NJ with 160+ others.  Most are making scrapbooks, but we love cards.  

            (Here's the room of half the attendees-Crazy, isn't it?!?!)

I love Christmas!  Sending cards to all our family and friends allows us to send some holiday joy from our home to theirs'.  For many, it may seem a chore, but I feel its the only way I get to keep in touch.  I mail to many who may not reciprocate, but that doesn't matter to me.  I love the choosing of the supplies, designing of the cards, and the peace and joy in crafting the cards.  

(Vicki and I working in our room the night before THE event)

(My gift bag idea instead of giving a gift card in a reg card)

George, Ian, and I love to get together and open all our holiday cards that arrive.  We admire the pictures and reminisce over our memories of each person who sends us one.  It touches us to receive each one.  It's such a simple joy, yet so impactful.  I've got a special place where to hang them throughout the holiday season.

(A card I designed for the upcoming season)

(Another I designed, but already modified for the "final" card)

Yes!  It's a journey creating a home and this one little holiday tradition is such a simple one.  By starting in February, I don't have to feel pressured to "get it all done" during the holiday rush season.  What about you?  Do you love getting those holiday cards?