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  • Haitian Metal Wall Art Handcrafted Hanging Sculpture St Francis Garden 34" Lamb

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Haitian Metal Wall Art Handcrafted Hanging Sculpture St Francis Garden 34" Lamb

$ 49.99


Saint Francis with Lamb was hand crafted by its artist Edward Dieudone. Every work put forth was cut from a 55 gallon steel drum into the beautiful piece you see today. This sculpture of Saint Francis will be a beautiful addition to your wall or yard. 12" by 34". Approved by the Fair Trade Federation. Perfect for indoor or out! About the Artist: Edward Dieudonne Angels and mermaids are figures of mystical fascination for Edward Dieudonne. He sits quietly alone, listening to music when their images come to him, and with a small piece of chalk and a sheet of flat metal, he begins to give them form. These dawnings of inspiration are, for Edward, the very best part of the creative process. Though he imagines his sculptural pieces in reflective solitude, they are often executed with a great deal of amusement. One can almost hear him chuckling out loud as he takes up the hammer and chisel and pounds out an angel with a shopping bag or a mermaid having a deeply meaningful conversation with a seahorse. His animal sculptures too, must bring a wry smile. Who knows where the notion of putting the barnyard critters on the bus in a blowing gale came from. Maybe it's Edward's idea of riding the storm out! Edward came from a large family, and now has 8 children of his own. He spends long days cutting metal in his workshop to provide for them. Additionally, he teaches friends and family members the craft so that they too, might carry on and prosper. He says, "I just want to do everything I can for my family and my children. That is my dream." We have lots more Metal Wall art styles available. View our other items for more selections.

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