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  • Haitian Metal Wall Art Handcrafted Sculpture Riding Biking Bike Bicycle Girl New

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Haitian Metal Wall Art Handcrafted Sculpture Riding Biking Bike Bicycle Girl New

$ 29.99


**Handmade Wall Decor **Metal Sculpture **Riding to Town (LE3106) **Girl Riding a Bike Theme **Raised Texture & Features **8.5" x 15" in size **New   This piece of handmade Haitian Wall Art exemplifies the strength of character and spirit of rebuilding that resides within the Haitian people and its artists.  Riding to Town was hand crafted by its artist Charles Luthene.  Every work put forth was cut from a 55 gallon steel drum into the beautiful piece you see today.   This sculpture of a young girl riding her bicycle and will be a beautiful addition to your wall or yard.  Approved by the Fair Trade Federation.  Perfect for indoor or out!     About the Artist: Charles Luthene Never stepping back from a new challenge or a new opportunity, Charles Luthene left his family home in a remote village of western Haiti to pursue his education. In so doing however, it was also necessary for him to cultivate a means of supporting himself. Luckily, he found it in the workshop of Joseph Libernier, where he began to learn the art of metal sculpture. From there, he became acquainted with Joseph Peterson, and two years later, in 2008, Peterson invited Charles to become an apprentice in his shop. Still, Charles yearned to have a shop of his own. With his skills honed and his confidence up, he opened his “Sunflower” workshop in 2009.  He says, “Now I am a known artist, I look for much more of work because I have the capacity to do that. I can prepare pieces in any manner you want.” His sun and moon designs are well-crafted and exude joy. Other pieces convey a sense of whimsy, yet all are executed with care and precision. Clearly, Charles’ time to shine as an artist has arrived.

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