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  • Handmade Haitian Metal Art Set of 2 Sea Turtles

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Handmade Haitian Metal Art Set of 2 Sea Turtles

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Perfect for indoors or out! Sea Turtles Tiny was hand crafted by its artist Kendy Belony. Every work put forth was cut from a 55 gallon steel drum into the beautiful piece you see today to give it a unique color and texture. A pair of baby sea turtles could be imagined gracefully floating through the deep blue. The sea turtle is known as a friendly, nurturing creature that brings a feeling of comfort and memories of the ocean. The pair measure 5.5" by 4" each, are decorated throughout with great detail and skill. The artists pour their heart and soul into these rare works and each purchase helps a citizen of a country in need. Support a growing sculptor and enjoy a striking piece of art. Approved by the Fair Trade Federation.

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